Meet the new Park Factors - Part I

“It’s a park that could make you a hero or a bum.”

– Stan Musial on the Polo Grounds, 1957

Stan Musial was truly one of the most consistently great hitters baseball has ever seen. With a lifetime average of .331, his slumps were like comets—showing up every few years, then disappearing in […]

Baker Street

In this winter of two-foot snowstorms, I was definitely looking forward to some hot stove baseball chatter at SABR’s local Connie Mack chapter meeting in Philadelphia. But, man, did I underestimate the lineup of guest speakers.

SABR members love to dig into the nuances of the game with their fellow researchers and learn something new, […]

The Smell of Resin

It’s a quote that was supposed to be cleverly relevant to the “aging in baseball” chapter of my first book Stealing Greatness.

“We play the game because of the smell of the resin, or the horsehide the ball was made of, or the click of the bat, or running down a fly, throwing as far […]

Catching up with History: Ryan Howard's Unique Journey to the Major Leagues

In the class of baseball’s most prolific home run hitters in history, Ryan Howard stands alone as the oldest slugger to enter the major leagues. Follow his journey to appreciate the man’s dangerous hot streaks, to dispel a couple of Howard myths, and to see that Jim Thome was not the only closed door that […]